At times, it feels like being in love is holding a grenade in your hands. Do you pull the pin and throw it, or do you cradle it in your arms and protect it, no matter its capacity for destruction and pain? Instead of a grenade however, you’re holding out your heart to someone who […]

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There is beauty and strength in loving someone who does not need you. A lot of people walk through life thinking that something is missing. They desperately project their want and what they lack by telling the Universe “I’m so lonely. Please give me a lover.” Here’s an unpopular opinion: you are already whole on […]

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The Journey

Fare thee well, dear maiden With your broadsword and sweet kisses Hasten thy flight, dear maiden Lest you break your resolve and flee from your burden Fear not, dear maiden The Lord and the angels will guide you Look ahead, dear maiden The path is clear and you will never be astray Cast your yoke […]

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All I Have

I’ve learned to strangle my demons when they won’t drown. I’ve learned to trample my adversaries without even a frown. I’ve held my head high and kept my spine straight–yet there are battles that I am too weak to face–no, not when I am still on the mend.

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You would always be my symmetry
The strength to my weakness, as I am to yours
Together, we were formidable
When we turned on each other, we were both volatile and vulnerable.

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Of heartbreak 

All she wanted was for him to love her. Ironically enough, that was all that he was doing as well. Too bad she couldn’t see his love, because she was blinded by her fear and doubts.  Yes, he made a mistake. Somehow that mistake became the cornerstone of their relationship, and everything turned upside down. […]

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Take a chance and see Just how wonderful life  can be  When you let go of your inhibitions  And just be free Love will come a-knocking  Your old trials would come a-thumbling And you would be oh so happy If only you’ll take the plunge and be merry

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An Epitome of Solitude

I can’t stop thinking about last night, A perfect moment of real love. Wherein ideals fell and the truth remained, About the people behind the masks we wear. Scared of being seen as weaklings, Afraid of showing affection before you bare it all. The words keep rushing through my pen, With no directions or restrictions, […]

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